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Nelson Lin

FintruX / Robocoder
President and CEO

Nelson has over thirty years of experience delivering financing solutions in the financial sector. He has successfully delivered numerous enterprise solutions to global organizations such as J.P. Morgan, AT&T Capital, Newcourt Financial, Hydro International, Banco Central Hispano, Trans Union, National Leasing, Securcor Financial Group, Spartan Compliance Services, Roynat Capital, Bank of Nova Scotia, Sun Life Assurance, Pacific & Western Bank, Versa Bank, Aileron Capital, Beacon Trust, Stonebridge Financial, CWB Maxium Financial, etc.


He was also the creator of applications such as Credit-Link (automated credit adjudication & lease origination), Market-Link (data-mart & pivot tables), LOIS (end-of-lease management, collection & accounting), Fast-Credit, and CALMS (web-based version of all the above) in the financing industry. In fact, Nelson Lin built Newcourt’s - and the market’s - first online credit adjudication software for the asset-based finance and leasing industry in Canada, as mentioned in the book ‘Unstoppable’ published 2014 by Beth Parker and endorsed by the Canadian Finance and Leasing Association (CFLA). In order to communicate with the remote mainframes of the credit bureaus, he simulated asynchronous call before it even exists in 1994.


He graduated from the University of Western Ontario with an MBA and B.Sc. Honors in Computer Science, and is one of the first few professionals to have achieved both Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Solution Developer (MCSD) qualifications. Mr. Lin is also a certified Scrum Master, and was formerly trained on the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) project management methodology.


In 2005 Nelson patented a distinguished technology that forms the core of the low-code web application development platform Rintagi today. This is a proven platform that builds customized mission-critical enterprise applications that last. Rintagi has the ability to rejuvenate its applications from time to time with latest user interface, experience, and technology, most of the time with just the press of a button. Enterprise systems built by Rintagi over ten (10) years ago now responds automatically on devices of any size without rewriting.


Nelson has been wrestling with the concept of FintruX for many years, just waiting for the right technology and opportunity - a decentralized blockchain that allows smart contracts to be generated by a no-code development platform. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) was brought to his attention early 2017 and the timing could not be better. These technologies combined with risk-reduction mechanisms utilized by securitization funders, the arbitrage of vast interest rate differentials around the world, and a network of sophisticated operators and agencies; this is a golden opportunity to create a simple trustless world of borrowing and lending, starting with the simplest unsecured loan.